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Garland for Gus

We spent some time making something fun this past weekend. It was a group effort, totally kid friendly…er at least 4 and 6 year old friendly. My big kid especially got into it. I didn’t really let on entirely what we were making so we started off by pulling out […]

Our Crafty Mess

I mentioned how uninspired I was a while back. Our ‘art room’ gets slightly out of control from time to time (from day to day).

Notice how I’m just showing you the mess made by the kids.

It is […]

Wool Felt Patchwork Valentines

What to do with a pile of Wool Felt this big?

For the past two years I’ve made felt Valentine’s for my sweetest little loveys. I’m constantly impressed by the wide array of stitches my sewing machine is capable of. I wish I could take credit for the […]

Love Crayons

Just like everyone that has kids, we have an ‘s’-ton of broken crayons. What do you do with them? I mean you can just use them I suppose, but when you are looking for that perfect color in the bucket (or whatever you happen to store your crayons in) the broken crayons […]

Crafty Feeleez Mama

I’ve been wanting to share my love for this Mama for a while now. She had the most perfect, beginning of February, post today and she shared something incredibly crafty that she just finished. Obviously this isn’t her first crafty project – who could start with this project…really? She’s amazing. She […]